What Does Your Inspection Include

What Does Your Inspection Include?

Atlantic Leak’s inspection includes a visual inspection of your pool and all its components and accessories. A detailed report is then provided detailing our findings along with recommendations for needed repairs and their estimated costs. The things we inspect are:

  • Fence – we will inspect the fence and locking mechanisms to be sure that everything is in good condition and working order, and meets all required codes for fencing/barriers.
  • Patio/Decking – We will check the condition of the deck to be sure there are no significant cracks or trip hazards. We check the pool’s coping as well.
  • Pool Equipment/Plumbing – Time Clocks, pumps, valves, filters, heaters, etc. will all be checked for aging, rust, leaks and will be physically turned on/tested when conditions allow.
  • Pool Accessories – Ladders, stairs, etc will be examined for breaks, cracks, etc.

After our inspection, we will provide a detailed inspection report. If any problems are discovered – recommendations are noted for needed repairs, as well as the estimated costs for those repairs.

To schedule your Pool Inspection, Contact Atlantic Leak Long Island at 631-257-0000 or send us an email Here.

Prevent structural impairments, mold damage and high water bills. Our non-invasive pool leak detection methods can locate underwater Pool Leaks and underground Pool Plumbing Leaks without destruction. We service homeowners, commercial properties, pool companies, developers, and institutions; and offer services to plumbers, management and maintenance companies and home inspectors.

Now covering Long Island, Atlantic Leak’s Pool Leak Technicians have a combined 20+ years experience in finding and fixing pool leaks. We perform over 500 pool leak detections per year in NY, NJ and PA.

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