Underwater Repairs

Pool Divers Make Underwater Repairs

Many companies will claim to repair pool leaks, but few are specially trained pool divers who are able to remain underwater for extended periods of time to make pool leak repairs. Our pool divers will make repairs to your pool leaks while they are underwater, What this means to you:

  • You will NOT need to drain your pool.
  • You WILL save money by not wasting water and chemicals

That’s it! We do the rest. You will not need to do anything else but have the pool at its normal water level, clean, clear and safe to dive.

Repairs Our Pool Divers Make:

  • Vinyl patch repairs for in-ground and above-ground vinyl pools
  • Epoxy repairs to cracks in concrete pools
  • Fiberglass pool repairs
  • Repair s to cracked or leaking light niches

Don’t ignore a pool leak and risk damage to your pool. Contact one of our Pool Divers today at 631-257-0000 or contact an Atlantic Leak Pool Diver now!


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