Now is the Time To Take Care of Your Pool

It’s that time of the year again.  Summer is winding down.  You feel like you need to use your pool as much as possible, because it’s ready to be covered up for the winter.  All this sets in, but it is important to realize that if you are having any problems with your pool, NOW is the time to address it.

Having a pool is fun, but it also requires a lot of work.  Keeping the pool clean, balancing chemicals, etc. all requires time and energy.   If you run into problems with your pool, then it can become stressful.  Some problems can be easily rectified, but others, like a pool leak can be more challenging to address and should not be ignored going into the winter season.

Do You Have a Pool Leak?

Are you losing water in your pool?  Some signs you are losing water are:

  • You notice each day that the water level is lower than it was the day before
  • You are frequently putting a garden hose in your pool to add water
  • You are having difficulty balancing the chemicals

If you’re unsure if you water loss is a pool leak or evaporation, do a bucket test to find out (  On average, evaporation will be about 1”-2” per week.

Why it’s Important to Address a Pool Leak

Pool leaks can end up being very costly if not fixed.  Pool leaks should always be checked, especially before closing the pool for the winter.  Problems with not addressing a pool leak are:

  • Small pool leaks can equal hundreds of gallons of water lost daily – which just adds up on your water bill.
  • Leaking pool water can cause structural damage to your pool and/or patio.  There’s no way to know where leaking water will go and possibly cause damage.
  • Leaks should ALWAYS be dealt with before your pool gets winterized.  In vinyl liner pools water leaking for months can cause terrible problems.  If water levels drop too low over the winter, the liner can shift, stretch, contract, etc. and lead to having to replace the entire liner, resulting in a huge expense.

What types of pool leak could it be?

  • The interior of a pool can leak in many places.  Vinyl liners can have tears and holes.  Concrete pools can have cracks in the structure.  In addition, lights, skimmers and return jets can leak as well.
  • The underground pool plumbing can leak, and at times be challenging to locate.  95% of your pool’s plumbing is underground and these leaks can cause damage to your pool structure or patio.

So, with the summer season coming to an end, it is very important to be sure your pool is in tip-top shape before you close it up for the winter.  Repairing leaks and winterizing properly can extend the life of your pool.

Take care of your pool now before you regret it next summer.


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