Pool Leak Detection and Pool Leak Repair in Hampton Bays, NY 11946

Are you looking for a licensed, insured and professional pool leak detection company in Hampton Bays, NY 11946?  If so, you have come to the right place.

Atlantic Leak Detection specializes in swimming pool leak detection and repair.  Using state-of-the-art technology and old fashioned reliability, you can count on us to find that hidden leak.  Our pool leak detection team can locate and repair:

  • Vinyl pool leaks (vinyl liner leaks)
  • Concrete and gunite pool leaks
  • Fiberglass pool leaks
  • Pinpoint any pool plumbing leak

There is no need to empty your pool to find the leak.  We are pool divers, certified by PADI and can locate and repair any underwater pool leaks without taking out the water, making the process fast and affordable.  In almost all cases, you can swim immediately following the pool leak detection and pool leak repair.

At Atlantic Leak Detection we can accurately pinpoint leaks in your pool plumbing lines.  Our non-invasive, non-destructive pool leak detection process allows us to locate your pool plumbing leak and make the repair with the least possible disturbance to your yard.

Stop wasting money and water.  If you think you have a pool leak, CALL TODAY!!

For more information or to schedule our pool leak detection services in Hampton Bays, NY 11946, visit our Contact Page or call us today at (631) 257-0000.


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