Leak Detection Process

Leak Detection Long Island

How the Leak Detection process starts

The pool leak detection process starts before we arrive at your home. When you speak to one of our Pool Leak Technicians, provide as much information as possible about your pool, the leak, and the history of your pool. Good information will go a long way in helping us locate your pool leak quickly. Some of the information needed to help us get started:

  • What type of pool is leaking (vinyl liner, concrete or fiberglass)?
  • If you are noticing a loss of water in the pool, how much water are you losing and over what period of time (i.e. 1″ loss over 24 hours)
  • Do you notice the water loss is more when the pump is on, off, or does it lose the same amount of water either way?
  • How low have you seen the water level drop?
  • If you just opened your pool for the summer season, did you notice any water loss over the winter?
  • If you have a concrete pool, is it a pool/spa combo?
  • How many pumps do you have?
  • Do you have any water features (i.e. waterfalls, sheer descents, in-floor cleaning systems, etc.)

The information above will give us a jump-start on the pool leak detection process once we get to your home.

Once we arrive

When we arrive at your home, we will need you to have the pool at it’s normal level. The pool needs to be clean, clear and chemically balanced in preparation for us to go into the pool and check for underwater pool leaks.

What our Leak Technicians will do

We will walk around and visually check your pool and the pool equipment for some of the more common things that can cause pool leaks. If nothing is noticed during the walk-around, then based on the information we have, we will determine if the best place to start is by diving your pool and checking for underwater pool leaks, or by pressure testing your pool’s plumbing lines.

Underwater Pool Leaks

If we determine that it is best to check for underwater pool leaks, then our specially trained pool divers will check the structure of your pool, as well as the pool’s skimmers, returns, main drains and lights. If any pool leaks are found, we will make all the necessary repairs underwater (we do not do major structural repairs).

Pressure Testing Equipment

When we pressure test plumbing lines, we test all the lines going from the equipment directly to the pool (both above and below the ground). These lines are individually filled with air and/or water to see if they can hold pressure. If a plumbing line is unable to hold pressure, we will then use specialized equipment to listen for the leak underground in order to pinpoint it’s exact location. Once it is determined where the leak is underground, repairs can then be made with minimal damage.

Get your pool leak repaired ASAP. Contact Atlantic Leak at (631) 257-0000 email our Long Island Leak Detection Specialists.


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