Pool Leak Detection Long Island

IMG_3109Atlantic Leak’s Pool Leak Detection service will help prevent costly repairs and renovations to your swimming pool, by using the best pool leak detection technologies available. Our Long Island Pool Leak Detection Specialists will find and fix swimming pool leaks using non-destructive methods.

Atlantic Leak will find and fix:

  • Gunite pool leaks
  • Vinyl pool leaks
  • Fiberglass pool leaks
  • Pool Plumbing Leaks

We pride our self in finding and repairing pool leaks quickly and efficiently, saving you time and most importantly money.

Water levels in your pool can change due to many factors. Humidity, wind and air temperature can cause evaporation in your pool and cause water loss. Water loss caused by evaporation can equal 1-2” per week. Perform a bucket test to see if your water loss is from evaporation.

Some other clues that may indicate you have a pool leak

  • You are adding water often (more than once per week)
  • You have problems keeping your pool chemically balanced and are using more chemicals than normal
  • Water damage around the pool deck (deck is sinking or even lifting)
  • You can see air bubbles circulating in your pump when your pump should be perfectly clear.
  • Water levels drop below the skimmer and the skimmers are sucking air (see previous clue)

Don’t let a pool leak go undetected and cause expensive damage and repairs. Contact Atlantic Leak’s Long Island Pool Leak Detection Specialists today at (631) 257-0000.



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