Finding Pool Leaks and Making Repairs

Finding Pool LeaksFinding Pool Leaks

In most cases, our Pool Leak Technicians will dive your pool or pressure test your plumbing lines to locate your swimming pool leak (in some cases they will do both). In both cases, our Pool Divers will use non-destructive methods to find and repair the swimming pool leaks that are found.

Underwater Pool Leaks and Repairs

Atlantic Leak’s underwater Pool Drivers are specially trained to locate and make repairs to your pool while they are underwater. This means you will not need to empty your pool for us to make the underwater pool repairs. Our pool repair techniques are safe and non-destructive.

Pool Plumbing Leaks

Using the most advanced technology, our Pool Leak Technicians will be able to test all your pool plumbing lines to see if they hold air and/or water pressure. If it is found that one or more of your pool plumbing lines is not holding pressure, then we will use state-of-the-art equipment to listen underground to try and pinpoint exactly where the leak in the pool plumbing line is.

Get your pool leak repaired ASAP. Contact Atlantic Leak’s Long Island Leak Detection Specialists at (631) 257-0000 or click here to email to setup an appointment.



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