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Now covering Long Island, Atlantic Leak’s Pool Leak Technicians have a combined 20+ years experience in finding and fixing pool leaks. We perform over 500 pool leak detections per year in NY, NJ and PA. Right about the time you suspect you have a leak, is exactly when you should have your leaks detected.

Our professional Pool Leak Technicians will help locate and repair pool leaks in your pool and/or pool plumbing lines, using non-destructive leak detection methods.

Types of pools we repair leaks on:

  • Vinyl Liner Pool Leakscanstockphoto36642532
  • Concrete Pool Leaks
  • Gunite Pool Leaks
  • Fiberglass Pool Leaks
  • Residential Pool Leaks
  • Commercial Pool Leaks

Types of problems we locate and repairs we make:

  • Find and make repairs to holes, cuts and slices to Vinyl liner Pools
  • Find and make repairs to cracks and holes in Concrete (Gunite) Pools
  • Find and make repairs to Fiberglass Pools
  • Locate Leaks in Pool Plumbing Lines (drains, skimmers, returns, spa jets, air lines, cleaner lines)

Don’t risk damaging your pool.  Repair your pool leak TODAY! Contact Atlantic Leak Long Island at 631-257-0000 or send us an email Here.


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